Health and Safety

The Auckland Evangelical Church Trust believes that an effective Health & Safety management system is a key requirement to a successful church; ethically, morally, spiritually, legally and financially. Through our active commitment to legislation compliance and most importantly, ensuring our workers and church are safe, we will continuously look for opportunities to improve our performance and system whilst still following our values.

We aim to actively promote improvement through ensuring our staff and management are equally committed, involved and supportive of our Health & Safety practices.

To achieve this we will ensure all workers and visitors are:

  • Working together; taking reasonably practicable steps to ensure that any significant risks or hazards to workers are minimized, and workers are protected, where elimination is impracticable.
  • Involved in identifying and controlling new and existing hazards and regularly monitoring these hazards within our facilities.
  • Informed about accident and emergency procedures.
  • Aware of their responsibilities to themselves, their fellow workers and the general public.
  • Utilising the systems in place to record all incidents, near misses or injury.
  • Promoting the provision of advice, information, education and training in relation to work health and safety.



Health & Safety Statement

A summary statement of how Auckland Ev aims to ensure that our people are carrying out the objectives of the church in a safe and healthy way.

Health & Safety Committee

The Committee provides the mechanism for Auckland Evangelical Church to enable its officers, workers and volunteers a way to participate in the management of Health and Safety.

Training Leaflet

A simple info leaflet that every worker & volunteer worker must go through when serving at Auckland Ev.

Hazard Identification Form

A form used when you or those under your leadership discover a hazard. Submissions will be reviewed based on a priorty score given by you.

Incident & Accident Investigation Form

Whenever an incident or accident occurs we need you to fill out this form. This will help us investigate the cause of the incident or accident and act quickly to ensure that this does not happen again.

Evacuation Plan Drill Form

If you are responsible for a church venue and oversee evacuation drills, fill out this form each time a drill occurs.

Contractor Induction Form

If you are hiring a contractor on behalf of Auckland Ev you must complete the induction process and report that on the following form.

Key Contacts

Austin Ibarra

HSC Chair

021 078 0985
[email protected]