On the eve of the launch of the 50 Shades of Grey movie, how do we think about it? If I’m honest, there is part of me that is quite curious about what this movie is all about. And if I don’t want to waste my life, by reading potentially bad books, the movie seems a good way to ‘understand‘ what its all about. Right?


Originally, I didn’t think it would be as big as it is. But just yesterday, as I was getting a haircut, the hairdresser was telling me she had already booked her tickets for a weeks time, because they were booking out.


Should I get a ticket?

Should I be able to interact with our culture on this one?

Should I at least see it so I can talk about how much better God’s view of Sex is?

You might be having similar thoughts?



So I did a bit of research. A friend of mine’s mum (and this is a bit awkward) is a doctor, and leading Sexologist at the University of Sydney Medical School. Patricia is often interviewed on television by the secular media, a leading scholar in this area, and also a solid evangelical Christian!


Her short answer to 50 Shades of Grey is this:
“If you’re a Christian, you shouldn’t see this movie”


Here is why:

Fifty Shades of Grey revolves around a young college student, Anastasia, who is seduced by a powerful, gorgeous, tormented and insecure billionaire businessman, Christian Grey. In some way, Anastasia’s love for Christian, and the way she sacrifices her purity and lets him do horrible things to her, somehow redeems him.



Patricia says, “Pornography is about intent: an intention to elicit sexual thoughts and feelings. So there’s no question this film is pornography, just as the book before it. It is fantasy sex.”



“If you’re going to get your satisfaction thinking about Christian Grey (the main character) – this dark, brooding man with a six pack who wanders around all the time with his clothes off, then when you go to bed with your 45-year-old husband with his gut slightly hanging over his trousers, it’s not going to be the most sexual thing in the world. It’ll be harder for you to be turned on by something that is much more normal”.


And if you’re thinking about watching it as a couple, this is what Patricia says:

We need to look at any form of sexual behaviour as man and woman in a Christian marriage and think: is this behaviour honouring our relationship? Is it honouring my partner? And is it honouring God? And I fail to see how whipping my partner, or bruising my partner, or putting handcuffs on my partner and tying him or her to the bedpost, is in anyway honouring my partner, or honouring God with my body.”


In her professional capacity Patricia not only warns Christians to stay away from the movie, but to “actively discourage other Christians – and non-Christians, for that matter – from watching it” too.



Why? It will ruin your sex life, your brain, your relationship with your partner or potential partner, and cause you to sin!



Two more brilliant quotes from Patricia:


If you’re a Christian woman, don’t go see the movie because it’ll mess up your brain… if your desire becomes conditioned by porn and that’s what turns you on, normal sex with a normal, regular guy, isn’t going to do it for you,”


“And let me warn you men out there, if you’re an unmarried man and your Christian sisters-in-Christ are going to build their sexual expectation around this type of example, a perverted fantasy, your chances of marrying one of them and having a healthy sex life are really shot. You’re never going to be Christian Grey.”


Friends, the last thing I’m trying to be is a spoilsport or another Christian that won’t interact with the culture around them. But, in fact, I think this is one we should spoil! We should interact with the culture around us … and say… don’t go.


If you like sex, or if at some point in the future you’d like to enjoy it, one of the worst things you can do is see 50 Shades of Grey.

Back to my question, should I go? I’m reminded of a John Piper quote:



“We are sinful not because we’re victims of darkness, but because we’re lovers of darkness.”



These quotes were taken from in interview Patricia Weerakoon did with the Bible Society. See full interview at: http://www.biblesociety.org.au/news/fifty-shades-grey-go-christians-sexologist