Jesus just changed your neighbours

The Parable of the Good Samaritan – Luke 10:25-37

beaten sikh


What must we do to inherit eternal life? This very question is addressed in a discussion between a ‘expert in law’ and Jesus Himself. The expert, being a know-it-all is quick to show off his knowledge in front of Jesus, claiming the law demands us to love God with all of our heart, soul, strength and mind; and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Jesus identifies this as being correct.


Jesus has clarified for us that God is worthy

Worthy of ALL our Heart (even the parts we try and hide)

Worthy of ALL our Soul (our very character is to reflect Godliness)

Worthy of ALL our Strength (our energy & the service we set our hands to)

Worthy of ALL our Mind (our entire thought life, motives, and secrets)


Who is our neighbor and how do we love them?

In His parable, Jesus gives us 3 clear characters to compare. Each in the opportunity to walk past a beaten man lying bloodied on the roadside.

  1. A Priest (ignores beaten man)
  2. A Levite (ignores beaten man)
  3. A Samaritan (helps beaten man, goes to exceeding lengths)

The Samaritan, is identified to be the character that is acting as a ‘neighbor’, despite being a sworn enemy of the ‘expert in law’.

This challenges us as Christians, how do we act as a ‘neighbor’ to those around us? This parable shows us that loving our neighbour is more than offering our next-door neighbor tea and crumpets.


Loving our Neighbours

Six key themes the parable teaches us about loving our neighbours: 

  1. Serving those who we don’t like, even those we despise
  2. Go above our own comfort and take action
  3. Go over and above the ‘worlds concepts of love’
  4. Serve sacrificially, even when it costs us
  5. It will costs us time and money, we are to give freely
  6. We don’t do this to look good to everyone else, it’s about making God famous.


Outtake – who, in your weekly circles, can you start being a better neighbor to?