Make God Famous

Make God Famous

In 1Corinthians 10:14-33 we once again see Paul writing about the freedom that we have in Christ. We can eat and drink freely without a guilty conscience, which we went into in more depth in 1Corinthians 8.

In verse 23 we see Paul expanding further on this idea. Does this mean we can do ANYTHING? Well no, not everything is beneficial or constructive. But rather we are encouraged to focus on seeking the good of others. Paul nails the sinfulness of humanity on the head here, with great understanding that we as humans are naturally focused on seeking our own good and prioritizing ourselves over others. Right?

So, if we are to be outward focused and looking to reach unbelievers, going to their places for meals – we can eat and drink in full freedom and in a clean conscience (verse 27). But if someone’s conscience should be divided over what you are doing/eating/drinking then STOP. Don’t go ahead, for the sake of the other persons conscience. Why? Because we are called to be outward focused for the good of others (verse 24 and 29).

Eating at a Table

Paul summarizes this for us in verse 31, that whatever we do, whatever we eat, or whatever we drink. WHATEVER ‘it’ is, should bring glory, fame, and recognition to God. WHATEVER we do should point to God. Even though verse 31 is a short verse, we need to stop and dwell on it. Ask yourself this, “Am I really making God famous in ‘whatever’ I do?”

Are You Making God Famous?


Take a deep breath, look inward and answer the following questions honestly, is it really God you want to make famous, or yourself?


• Are my greatest hopes to make God famous?
• Is my greatest money expenditure on making God famous?
• Is the majority of my time spent on making God famous?
• Does my career or job bring fame to God?
• Does the way I treat my spouse bring fame to God?
• Does my focus on beauty, food and passions maximize God’s fame?


Ultimately, we need to ask ourselves the question – can I relate to verse 33? “I am not seeking my own good but the good of others – that they may be saved.” I mean really, are we seriously seeking that others be saved?

Thinking Time

God is using Paul here to lay down the standard for us who follow Christ. That we might do what ever it takes, to count the cost, take up our cross and follow him to see his name be spread to the edges of Auckland and to the end of New Zealand. #makeGodfamous