Connect Groups

Connect groups are smaller groups of Christians who meet midweek to help each other live as disciples of Jesus. We do this by spending time in God’s word together unpacking what it means for our lives, by praying for and with each other, and by sharing our lives together in community to support and encourage each other to grow to be more like Jesus. We have groups that meet across Auckland in different locations and on different days of the week, so there should be something for you! 

If you’re new to Auckland Ev, whether you’ve been a Christian for a little or a long time, we’d love to meet you! We’ve got a specific group for anyone who is new or new-ish to church with us, aptly called Newish Connect. This group runs for 4 weeks and functions as the first connect group for every Christian who calls Ev home. At Newish Connect you’ll get to know the pastoral staff here at Church (as well as meet a bunch of other great people), hear a bit about our vision and mission to make and grow disciples, and find out how to you can get involved Think of it as your first Auckland Ev Connect Group where you get to make an informed decision about whether to call Ev your spiritual family.