Partner with Us

God loves us and has given us so much – His Son on the cross in our place! We love giving sacrificially and cheerfully as a part of the way we worship Him, and are used by Him to see more and more of Auckland captivated, grounded and growing in Him! If you call Auckland Ev home, we would love you to seriously and prayerfully consider your financial partnership with us in the gospel.
Just like any family, Auckland Ev needs to be able to budget our income and expenses. So we have decided to ask all Members of Auckland Ev to pledge their giving for the next 12 months. These pledges are confidential, and only accessible by the Exec Team of Auckland Ev. If this is something you would like to do, please fill in the form below.

Budgeting Help

If you would like some help in budgeting, we have provided a free online course called God, money and me. It’s an excellent practical resource to think through a number of financial areas and how the Gospel and the Kingdom effect the way we steward our resources.