Auckland Ev offers a variety of ways of partnering with us, all focused on being captivated by Christ, grounded in the gospel, and growing in maturity and number! We are excited that you would consider serving with us as partners in the gospel. 


To indicate interest, or for more information, send an email to [email protected]



Have you ever wondered how all the production at church happens? It is because a faithful Pack and Save team is behind it all, setting up all the gear before church, and packing it all down afterwards. We are currently in need for more Pack and Save Technicians for both Morning Church and Unichurch, who would be willing to sacrifice their time setting and packing up, that the church service might happen, and people would hear the great news of Jesus!

Time Commitment: Sunday mornings 8:00am-1:00pm for Morning Church, and Sunday nights 4:00pm-9:00pm for Unichurch; 2 weeks on, 4 weeks off.

Presenter tech

Ever thought about who controls the slides that you see every week at church? Are you focused and precise, keen to see things run smoothly? 

Presenter Technicians help the church by managing what is shown in the screen in such a way that people don’t get distracted, so that they might come away from church glorifying and delighting in God more!

Time Commitment: Sunday nights 4:15pm-8:15pm for Unichurch; 2 weeks on, 4 weeks off.



What has been your first-time experience going to a church? Did you feel welcome? If you’re keen to welcome new people to Unichurch, come be a part of the team that sends a friendly message to people coming along for the first time and helps them to get connected.

Time Commitment: 30 minutes every Monday, any time of the day.


Do you enjoy making people feel welcome at church? We’re looking for more friendly faces to join our Welcoming teams to help people get from the carpark to their chair. Come and be a part of making people feel at home here at Auckland Ev.

Time Commitment: Sunday mornings 9:15am-1pm for Morning Church, and Sunday nights 5:15pm-8:30pm for Unichurch; 2 weeks on, 4 weeks off.



Have you ever wondered about how people at Ev start serving? Do you enjoy seeing the potential within people realised as they start serving in areas that fit them and where God has gifted them?

The Ministry team is looking for people who would be able to meet with people before or after the service, and chat to them about how they can get plugged into serving here at Ev. 

Time Commitment: 0.5 – 1.5 hours per week.



Do you appreciate receiving important church announcements, sermon notes, and connect group studies in one convenient hand-out each week? Do you enjoy helping people access information that is clear, presentable, and easy to read? We’re looking for people to join our little team and support church in this way! If you’ve got access to Adobe InDesign and are keen to see us love well by communicating well, we’d love to hear from you!

Time Commitment: 2-3 hours per week; 2 weeks on, 4 weeks off.


If you’ve got the ability to cook, then we want your help! Putting your hand up to serve as a Cook for Ev means that you get a chance to help make a meal or some snacks at home, and bring it to the desired location.

Time Commitment: Likely no more than 2 hours when assigned to provide food.


Have you ever enjoyed spending time with others over a good meal? Do you love to help out in cooking? Then we want you to consider being an Event Caterer for Ev! Event Caterers spend time to help out in the kitchen and serve food for various church events, so that good environments can be created for God’s word to be proclaimed. If you are interested, then the Ev Catering Team would love to get in touch.

Time Commitment: At least 2 weeks’ notice before an event to check for availability, spending about 4-6 hours in service per event.


Do you have a laptop, and are you able to transport yourself to the Ev Hub on Saturdays? The Printing team is looking for more keen people who would be able to give up a couple of hours of their time on Saturdays to print the service outlines, and then deliver them to Morning Church on Sunday.

Time Commitment: 2 hours per week; rostered 2 weeks on, 4 weeks off.



Do you love spending time with little ones, singing songs and playing stuck-in-the-mud, all the while telling them the good news of Jesus? We have an opportunity for you to join our Connect for Kids team and do just the above! This all happens while a group of women from our Morning Congregation gather together to study God’s word; not only are you enabling the little ones to grow in their understanding of the gospel, you’re enabling other women to do so as well.

If you are a female and free Wednesday mornings from 09:45-11:45am and interested, please let us know!

Time Commitment: Weekly during school term time. Wednesday mornings from 09:45-11:45am (Could be a rotating roster if we had more than 2 people).


Do you have a love for young children and seeing them grow in their love and knowledge of the Lord Jesus? We have a lovely team teaching our kids at morning church, and opportunities for you to love and serve them! A morning full of games, songs, memory verses and teaching from the bible.

If you are female and available on Sunday mornings please let us know if you’re interested!

Time Commitment: Sunday mornings 9:00-12:30, 2 weeks on, 4 Weeks off.